Why High-Quality Content Will Win the Internet Again in 2017

As we draw to the close of another year, it’s good to pause for a minute to reflect on the past twelve months of business. With the internet growing in popularity for all kinds of businesses and the mobile market reaching new heights, it’s safe to say that 2016 cemented several current trends in website […]

Who Is Actually Reading Your Job Application Cover Letter

Technology has transformed the modern job market over the past two decades. This means that the audience you are potentially writing for when writing a cover letter is more diverse than ever. There are exceptions, but in general, there are three types of audiences you may be writing for when writing a cover letter. Researching […]

Thoughts on The Revenant

Brief thoughts on the Oscar winning film, The Revenant: I think at the core of why I find the film so satisfying and brilliant is that it constantly and delightfully reinvents itself via an episodic structure of awaking from the dead to a new horrifying reality without betraying its minimal formula. Each episode renews the journey, character, and audience with a satisfying […]