Writing & Editing Services

ClarkWrites specializes in writing, editing, and consulting on a variety of different content types. Investment commensurate with work required and size of project. Read on for more information on specific services offered.

Cover Letters & Resumes  |  Online Courses  |  Business Writing  |  Creative Mentoring

Cover Letters & Resumes

Applying for a job can be a scary thing. Making the right first impression starts with your resume and cover letter. Don’t risk revealing your inexperience or confusing your potential employer; make sure your cover letter helps give you an advantage over other candidates. I’ve helped marketing professionals, stock traders, and executives hone their image by covering important issues like focus, organization, and grammar.

Experience editing for candidates of all types, including:

  • All experience levels from executive to entry
  • Positions in all industries: healthcare, engineer, academic, marketing, technology, etc.
  • Individuals re-entering the workforce after having a lapse in employment
  • Individuals changing career paths mid-career

Online Self-Paced Learning Through Udemy.com

With a focus on personal professional development, ClarkWrites offers exclusive learning opportunities for business professionals on a variety of topics! All courses are exclusively offered on Udemy.com, have a 30-day money back guarantee, and provide life-time membership for a one-time low fee. Better yet, Clark has two free courses available:

To learn more and get signed up to take your free courses, just sign up with your email. You’ll then receive a confirmation email with instructions, the code you’ll need to use on Udemy.com to access ClarkWrites.com’s courses, and even more details about exclusive learning & business development opportunities from ClarkWrites on Udemy!

Business Writing

Putting your best foot forward is an important aspect of business. This means making the most of every opportunity, including written communication, documentation, online writing, and other types of formal business writing. Do you worry about what coworkers and competitors think when they see your writing? Are you an international business writer just learning English? Besides my courses on International Business English (IBE) available exclusively at Udemy.com (sign up on my mailing list to learn more!), I can also help with anything from simple proofreading and giving feedback, to revising and editing, and even to researching and composing original content for you!

Some of my business writing accomplishments include:

  • Copywriter & Editor for Multiple Successfully-Funded Crowdfunding Campaigns
  • Editor For Multiple Business Books (Titles forthcoming!)
  • Ghostwriter for Legal Blogs focused on Immigration Law, Employment & Contract Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Incorporation, Etc.
  • Ghostwriter for Finance Blogs focused on Investment Portfolios, Stocks & Bonds, ETFs, Etc.
  • Resume & Cover Letter Specialist with hundreds of clients from over thirty countries in all fields including engineering, nonprofit, academic, hospitality, retail, construction, video game, music, and healthcare industries.

Business Mentoring for Artists & Writers

Having a passion for art, music, film, or writing that drives you to get up everyday doesn’t have to be reserved for an after work activity. Today, through the advent of online services and a truly international market for freelancers, you can build a career out of doing and teaching what you love.

Why not hone your craft and use it as the vehicle to drive a business forward that aggrandizes your art to create synergy in your craftmenship? I’ve been there. As a writer with multiple novels, screenplays, and dozens of stories, I understand the need to both continue to write day-in and day-out while challenging yourself. I also understand the need to take care of a family, so I’ve built a career doing what I love: working with the English language, both in writing and in teaching. 

I help writers and artists just starting out who want to build a business where they pursue their passion as a high-paying career of their choosing. I offer those I mentor solid, actionable advice for their passion on:

  • How to hone and improve their vision into something they can market.
  • How to identify and take advantage of emerging online markets for freelancers with their particular artistic skills.
  • How to create a vision for a career that will lead them to both true inner-fulfillment and long-term financial success.
  • How to transform their art into a brand and platform where they teach and share their success with others.