Hear from Past Clients

Clark’s priority in working with his clients is delivering a quality product and experience. Hear from past clients about how Clark Writes helped their writing, career, and more!


“Amazing, friendly, super helpful advice on everything from your current career path to your potential for the future. I really feel like this service was tailored to my own experience and talents, and it’s easy to come away from it feeling confident and excited for what comes next. I’ve always thought of a CV as a boring list of what I’ve done and where I’ve been, but now my CV is more like an incredible advert for who I am and what I can do. Thank you so much – it’s been an invaluable experience!”
Kate Gray, Freelance Journalist, England  (The Guardian profile)

“Clark made me realise how much my job application documents could be improved by explaining important concepts about how the recruitment world works and how quickly a recruiter reads these documents. Even when you think your application is ready to go, Clark will point out things that can be improved.”
Martin Alexanco, Civil Engineer, Madrid


“Clark is an integral partner in the development of my business – he helps create product concepts, hones our messaging, and shapes how we’re presenting ourselves as we grow online. He helps put my thoughts into words. When I can’t articulate a message, he sculpts it out of my ideas. Partnering with Clark has helped my dream become a reality.”

Darlene Samer, Head of Sales Learning & Development, Yelp


“Clark has been instrumental in helping me get my idea for a new book from concept to reality.  I gave Clark a huge task to take transcripts of videos I had produced and knit them together into a cohesive, readable manuscript.  His work has been detailed, meticulous and precise.  I have never worried about the quality of the finished product.  Clark takes the time and care necessary to deliver a solid work product.  I could not recommend him more highly.”
Rich Allen, Business Coach, Texas, USA  (Tour de Profit)