Online Courses

Do you prefer to learn new writing skills yourself? Clark Writes offers several online courses via Udemy. Learn how to write the perfect cover letter or excel in business writing – all from Clark Writes.

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International Business English courses

Enhance your English and Business Communication Skills with a look at  techniques for professionals who learned English as a second or third language and work with or compete in English-speaking markets and countries. A business-minded course complete with over 90 minutes of video lectures, downloadable resources, exercises, step-by-step instructions, and quizzes.

Free intro course

Full course cost: $100 (pay only $75 by using this link)


Building a Compelling Resume or CV

Master your CV or resume with in depth discussions of everything you need to do to catch a modern recruiters eye. A comprehensive course including lectures, examples, and valuable resources that cover how to build a knock-out resume or CV from top to bottom.

Course cost: $60 (pay only $40 by using this link)


Mastering the Modern Job Application Cover Letter

Learn the basic format, principals, concepts, and trends you will need to master the modern job application cover letter. Complete with examples, discussions, and resources to help you take your cover letter to the next level.

Course cost: $60 (pay only $40 by using this link)